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By having its own circuits for materials such as PET, PE, aluminium, cardboard, OPP, LDPE, etc., it is possible to procure and recycle 100% in the most efficient way.

The switch from linear to recyclable recycling management is an important concern for us. Since we are committed to the resource-saving and responsible treatment of our environment, we have installed a modern, optimised waste management system throughout the Starzinger Group in recent years. In this sense, we have also been working closely with renowned environmental protection facilities and the directly adjacent waste material collection centre for decades.

We only use innovative, recyclable bottles whose material can be reused and thus remain part of a circular economy without burdening the planet with new waste. A separate cycle only deals with the direct pressing process of plastic films, (W-)PAP and aluminium.

PET bottles are 100% recycled and therefore no longer burden the environment with new waste. Likewise, an own company compost for BIO waste has been set up, whereby all organic waste is returned to the natural cycle.

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