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state-of-the-art production plants

Highest quality in every step of the production process is the foundation for outstanding products. As a leading contract bottling company, we offer ten of the most state-of-the-art production plants for different beverages and requirements. 

Our state-of-the-art production plants  guarantee that your unique ideas can become reality and that we can bottle large order volumes quickly. Here at Starzinger Beverage Group, we work with the highest level of technology and are particularly efficient in processing.

Our decades of experience help you achieve the best results. In addition, our state-of-the-art bottling plants and warehouses allow us to meet the highest production hygiene standards. We're also happy to help you with any uncertainties throughout the entire bottling and/or private labeling processes. Private labeling at Starzinger beverages group – modern, high-quality offers meeting the highest technical standards, skillfully implemented by the most highly-trained employees in each sector.


state-of-the-art bottling plants & individual products

We exclusively use bottling plants from KHS and Krones; both are leading manufacturers in the industry. Using our four PET plants, and three can filling plants, we offer an enormous range of services with high volume capacities. All together, our bottle and can filling plants can process an impressive 220,000 units per hour.

Bottling with experience & quality

Creating a quality product starts with the idea, and is a mindset that must be preserved throughout the entire production process. That's the approach we take to ensure that all our bottling processes are carried out according to the highest standards. This is a core value that is firmly grounded in the company's identity, and all our employees take it to heart. Of course we handle raw ingredients and packaging materials with great care. You can have full confidence in their expertise.  Our wealth of knowledge in all these areas makes us one of the most capable and successful bottling companies in the world.

Starzinger – Your all-around partner

We are equipped with the most modern production and bottling facilities, and our skills go far beyond that. In order to ensure sufficient quality assurance, we rely on numerous quality controls and certifications that confirm our high standards. Our claim is underscored by IFS, HALAL, HACCP, and FDA certificates, as well as an organic (BIO) certificate. This means you can have complete confidence in your contract bottling orders. We don't leave anything up to chance in terms of storage and deliveries, either. There's plenty of room for your cans or bottles in our several tens of thousands of square meters of storage space. Our flexible loading options allow us to offer effective, flexible logistics.

Do you have an idea for a product you want to turn into reality? Send us a written request or call us – our staff will be glad to advise you!

Frankenmarkt in Austria

Internationally recognized state-of-the-art PET filling plant

Starzinger's clients can rely on an exceptional level of flexibility: we can accommodate short-term planning, flexible product development, and even small batch orders. Starzinger's contract bottling services aren't just flexible enough to accommodate clients’ wishes, they also offer ultra-modern production standards and comprehensive expertise, as proven by its internationally state-of-the-art PET filling plant.

Since the beginning, we've invested in new production lines, logistics, and warehouses. Our newest investments are especially impressive. Thanks to our collaboration with Krones, the machine manufacturer, Starzinger now uses the most state-of-the-art PET filling plant in the world. In addition to increasing production capacities, the fully automated and digitalized plant also allows us to make all kinds of PET sleeves as well as labels on paper and Contiroll.

Other benefits include savings on water and energy, and a reduction in material shrinkage. The new PET plant, for which the company built a 1,500km2 hall, makes the production process even more flexible and independent.

Quality assurance & quality standards

State-of-the-art production plants are critical for quality assurance in the contract bottling sector. We apply our high standards to the ingredients and recipes we use, as well as to the entire production process, thus guaranteeing the highest level of product quality for our clients and consumers. We follow international standards and demand the very best from ourselves, to do justice to our role as a leader in the beverages industry.

Monitored by independent experts

Our quality claims are also confirmed by several major, internationally recognized certificates. The HAACP and HACCP certificates confirm our optimal production process quality standards. Based on these certificates, the company also received the IFS certificate, and what's more: Starzinger Beverage Group passed the inspection with a “Higher Level” rating. This is one of the most important distinctions an international food producer can receive. 

In addition, the BIO AUSTRIA organic food certificate proves that Starzinger Beverages Group meets the requirements of BIO Austria. This means your private label products can also meet organic quality standards. Starzinger Beverage Group is also certified as meeting halal and kosher production standards, as well as guaranteeing  a purely plant-based production process for vegan diets. 


Shipping & delivery

This is another area in which our extensive experience in logistics and delivery  adds great value. We offer every kind of shipping option up to manual loading of containers. 

From the recipe to the finished product – there are many steps along the way. Each step in the process is important, especially since some of these steps may not be as simple as they seem. Starzinger Beverage Group looks forward to putting all of its knowledge  and expertise at your service in all these areas. Thanks to  our  decades of experience in bottling and logistics, we can offer you all kinds of assistance and solutions.

Delivering beverages all over the world

The Starzinger Beverage Group is headquartered in the heart of Austria. This means all major European countries and cities are easily accessible. Of course, overseas deliveries are also part of our daily work. We would be happy to provide you with individualized recommendations on this topic. As you can see, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind when producing beverages, especially for private labeling. Our work doesn't end when your drinks have been produced;

storing and shipping our contract bottling orders is also an important part of what we do. Starzinger Beverage Group is a leader in this area, too. Our high-quality standards match our thorough, attentive approach to private labeling, all of which makes us a reliable contract bottling partner.

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