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Beverage bottling - contract filling

As a professional contract bottling company, we offer our clients a wide range of packaging options in a variety of sizes. Depending on your wishes, we can design and create individual product solutions for all kinds of contract bottlers beverages. You'll benefit from our many years of experience, our modern production facilities, and our international network of partners. 

Various sizes and packagings

We can deliver your beverages in aluminum cans, PET and glass bottles. All container options are available in various sizes and shapes. So, you have nearly unlimited possibilities for designing and producing your unique product. We have 11 filling plants: three for beverage cans contract filling and four for PET bottles contract bottling. They make it possible to offer and implement all kinds of packaging options. Whether you're working with small batches or placing a big order, we'll work with you to find the best solution for your business idea! 

Starzinger beverage bottling - contract filling can fill the following beverages for alcoholic  drinks – non alcohilic drinks – energy drinks -  vegan drinks:

Natural mineral water

Quality ingredients create quality beverages. We use the best, natural mineral water from Austrian springs to ensure that your beverages have balanced mineral levels. Our water is also suitable for baby foods and is subject to the most stringent quality standards. From naturally flavored beverages to products with added flavorings and sweeteners, we bottle your products according to your specifications or custom recipes. 

Energy Drinks

Choose from different combinations of ingredients to create your energy drinks, which we bottle according to your specifications. The finished beverages can be enhanced by adding various flavor profiles, like sour cherry, apple, blueberry, coconut, and much more. We can also bottle organic energy drinks for you, to meet consumers’ demands for sustainably sourced products. 

Mixed alcoholic drinks

We bottle a wide range of mixed alcoholic drinks: from classic vodka-based mixed drinks to whiskey and coke, long drinks and cocktails like gin and tonics, cosmopolitans, or products like  “hard seltzer” with varying alcohol volumes. We emphasize new and innovative trends to cater to the preferences of consumers of all ages.  

Beer and mixed beer drinks

As experts in the field of beer and mixed beer drinks, and thanks to our state-of-the-art production facilities, we support both small- and large breweries with contract bottling services. Our private brewery “Bräu am Berg” and the private brewery in Aspach are two successful flagship companies in the Starzinger Beverage Group portfolio. Beer lovers appreciate the crisp flavors of our specialty beers and we take pride our extensive experience in bottling different types of beer. Our specialists will be glad to advise you about beer bottling.  

Functional drinks / BCAA drinks

In addition to energy drinks, we also bottle a variety of functional drinks and vitamin drinks. These mostly alcohol-free beverages contain particular ingredients which not only quench your thirst, but also energize you or offer specific health benefits, depending on the product. For example, BCAA drinks are enriched with essential amino acids, and are consumed mainly as workout supplements, or to recover from strenuous athletic activity. We can also produce vitamin drinks, customizing them with different minerals and other ingredients according to your instructions.

Carbonated soft drinks and bitter beverages

From lemonades to sodas and spritzers, we can bottle carbonated and non-carbonated beverages alike, without a problem. We can also create recipes in consultation with our ingredients suppliers, and help you bring your idea for a product to life. These mixed drinks include both carbonated beverages and bitter drinks like tonic water, lemon bitters, and even bitter sodas, among others. 

CBD beverages

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid substance derived from the hemp plant.  Upon request, we may be able to process CBD components, under certain conditions and according to your specifications.

Wine & mixed wine drinks

Our modern bottling facilities allow us to bottle wine in a way that preserves its integrity and quality. We can handle both still and sparkling wines, working according to your wishes. That's how we've earned clients who produce wine all over the world, and entrust them to us for bottling. 

Non-carbonated drinks

Our state-of-the-art filling system  allow us to bottle both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, including, for example, functional drinks like various vitamin waters, iced teas, or beverages made with small amounts of fruit juice.

Innovative beverages & ideas

We are constantly developing and customizing our international brands, which allows us to support new and innovative products and drink categories. Feel free to get in touch, so that we can work with you to develop and launch your vision.

Private labeling

Made in Austria

We use the best Austrian water to create products that are suitable for all kinds of beverage mixes. Mineral water from springs in Upper Austria ensures a neutral taste of exceptional quality, thanks to its low mineral content and long filtering process. Our strict quality controls guarantee the best mineral water quality, purity, and delicious taste.

Beverage Bottling on short notice

In our fast-paced era, flexible partners are a critical factor for success. We're well aware of this here at Starzinger Beverage Group – we are your contract bottling partners for short-notice orders and custom requirements. Your order will be ready for pick-up just two or three weeks after the product layouts are approved. 

Small batches & large orders

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