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... for exceptional bottling drinks; The Starzinger Beverage Group can easily turn your vision for a private label mixed drink, energy drink, functional beverage, or BCAA drink into high-quality, flavorful reality.

Sodas, energy drinks, beer, mixed alcoholic drinks, BCAA beverages, and much more – you name it, we help work out the recipe, source the materials, and go to production. One of Starzinger Beverage Group's greatest advantages is our high level of flexibility combined with our decades of experience producing all kinds of bottling drinks of any size, shape, or recipe.

Your idea, our know-how

Our modern bottling drinks technologies and expert knowledge of ingredients, packaging, and shipping makes us one of the most capable and successful bottling companies around. Our reliability, excellent price-performance ratios, and high level of flexibility ensure a customized approach to your needs. This includes the choice of PET or cans, as well as the design, filling volumes (e.g. 0.5 liter, 1 liter, or 1.5 liter bottles), total filling volume for the production chain, container sizes, packaging, shipping to retailers, and so on and so forth.

Our answers to the most important questions about private labeling bottling drinks:

What are the steps that lead from the initial request to the finished product?

You'll be put in touch with a contact person who will personally take care of all your needs and any questions you may have throughout the entire process! They'll help you choose the appropriate size, shape, and packaging to create a product that's as unique as the beverage itself. Enjoy all the advantages of direct communication with the manufacturer: because there is no middleman, Starzinger saves you time and money. As your full-service beverage company, we are your capable contract bottling drinks partner.

What are Starzinger bottling drinks filling sizes?

We do it (almost) all. Each brand and/or target group prefers different shapes, sizes and materials, which is why we're very flexible. We can bottle products in aluminum and steel cans, PET bottles in international standard sizes. We're also flexible when it comes to container sizes.

Does this flexibility include flexible product volumes?

Of course! As your flexible bottling partners, we can handle large volumes as well as minimum orders (from 50.000 PET or 125.000 aluminum cans). The sky’s the limit.

We welcome your special requests and ask for bottling drinks - private labeling.

Time is often of the essence – can orders be bottled quickly?

We live in a fast-paced era – we're well-equipped, both in terms of experience as well as technology, to bottle your products on short notice. Thanks to optimized planning, we can schedule our production times dynamically and fulfill orders using several bottling plants at once. This means that your orders can be ready to ship within a few days.

What is so special about Austrian water?

Austria's springs and seeps are known for their exceptional water quality. The Starzinger Beverage Group has access to crystal-clear water with a wide range of levels of mineralization. Our private labeling clients benefit from these high quality and diverse waters.

How do you handle quality assurance?

The springs and the contract bottling plants are all subject to regular quality assurance inspections by independent institutions. Our internationally recognized certifications are the best proof of this: IFS, halal, kosher, organic…

How do finished products arrive at the point of sale?

The Starzinger Beverage Group is headquartered in the heart of Austria. This means all major European countries and cities are easily accessible. Of course, overseas deliveries are also part of our daily business. We would be happy to personally advise you. Your bottling drinks - private label company.

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