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We partner with Caritas and the Red Cross, drill wells in Congo and sponsor various athletes and sporting events, as well as charity events.

We believe in the ancient principle:

Since 115 years, compassion and help have been an integral part of Starzinger's corporate philosophy. Our involvement in diverse projects results from our appreciation for our partners, the good cause and because these projects are truly close to our hearts. Our focus is on regional initiatives to give positive impetus to people and areas in urgent and uncomplicated need of help.

The following projects are supported

Austria's bombastic taste fulfills children's dreams:

Due to the great success of 2021, we decided to donate 2 cents per bottle of Schartner Bombe sold to the Kindertraum foundation again last Advent. Thanks to increased advertising activities & and many loyal consumers, August Starzinger was able to hand over around € 18,000 on 22 February 2023 (€ 3,000 more than in 2022) to Dr. Diana Gregor-Patera, Managing Director of the Kindertraum Foundation.

Project details

Austrian Red Cross

The Red Cross received a donation of € 5,000 this year.
This year we are once again involved in many small Christmas miracles: The Team Österreich Tafel gives Christmas presents to families whose household budget is often not even enough until the end of the month. Starzinger is part of every Christmas package with a bottle of Schartner Bombe!

A lottery for a good cause!

From the beginning of July to mid-September last year, the private brewery Bräu am Berg started an initiative to collect beer capsules. About 33 collections with a total of about 80,000 capsules were delivered to the Frankenmarkt-based private brewery by 15 September. An exclusive beer party with a brewery tour was in store for the most extensive collection.

The collected 80,000 capsules will be given to a charitable organisation to enable people in need to purchase a wheelchair.

We sponsor numerous athletes, sports clubs and events

Ballooning Tyrol

Ballooning Tyrol offers exciting trips over Austria in a Schartner Bombe balloon!

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Schartner Bombe Vöcklabruck Basketball Club

We've also been a reliable sponsor of BBC Vöcklabruck for many years.

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Juvina Deutschkreutz Football (soccer) Club

FC Deutschkreutz, based in Juvina's hometown, has enjoyed our support for years.

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Swans Gmunden Alliance

We've been working closely with the Basket Swans in a wonderful partnership for many years.

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PSV Judo Salzburg

This young, successful team is sponsored by Schartner Bombe and has many victories under its belt.

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IGLA Long Life Sports Association

2014 marked the 15th anniversary of our sponsorship of this successful Austrian youth association.

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TSV Frankenmarkt

We support and promote our local sports associations in countless ways.

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