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With our hydroelectric power plant, a photovoltaic system and efficient heat recovery from the compressors, we are ideally equipped for the upcoming energy transition.

Already in 2020, the energy supply of the entire Starzinger company could be switched to 100% green electricity. This means that since 2020 we have saved around 2,500 tonnes of CO2-emissions per year since 2020. In total, we are talking about 7,500 tonnes by the end of 2022!

Important measures in this context"

Energy generation
with the power of water

In our production, we rely on sustainable energy sources to minimise our ecological footprint. This includes the environmentally friendly generation of electricity from hydropower. We are currently in the process of building a new power plant with three turbines to provide even more clean energy for our production processes. This underlines our commitment to sustainable and responsible production that prioritises the protection of our environment and resources.

Generating energy
through the power of the sun

At the head office in Frankenmarkt, a large photovoltaic plant was built. When the final construction phase is completed in spring 2023, the plant will cover an area of about 15,000 m² across all warehouses and production halls and produce over 2,500 kWp of electricity. This investment of 2.2 million euros will cover about 45 % of the electricity needs of the entire operation.

We contribute to the reduction of the CO2-footprint

In our commitment to sustainability, we have focused on technologies and measures that reduce our CO2-emissions significantly. This includes the use of photovoltaic systems and hydropower, which are renewable energy sources. We are also investing in energy efficiency, for example through heat recovery systems that use surplus heat. In addition, we are increasingly using sustainable packaging materials to further reduce our environmental impact.

Heat recovery with our compressors

We also take care of the environment when it comes to heat utilisation. Therefore, the tunnel pasteurisers of the canning plants are used as heat sources for heating the storage areas. The new and 50% of the existing administration building, i.e. a total of 12,000m², are heated exclusively using waste heat from the production compressors.

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