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Due to the need to incorporate sustainability into the corporate philosophy and thus into all processes of the company, we were able to operationally integrate sustainability management with supply chain management, sales, all the way to IT and process optimisation.

In the Starzinger Group, sustainability has developed over the past decades and years from a vision to a central, lived and constantly growing corporate value. As a supporting pillar of the entire corporate philosophy, which is based on consistency, tradition, natural and human values, sustainability is also an important part of corporate security. Because only by maintaining and safeguarding a healthy and liveable environment can we as a company also continue to guarantee ethically valuable products and an employee-friendly and motivating working environment.

Corporate divisions

Process optimisation

All processes and their optimisation are regularly critically reviewed and adapted in the course of sustainability.

Further development

In recent years, great emphasis has been placed on the continuous development of all corporate areas such as marketing, sales, CSR management, controlling, purchasing, operations, supply chain management, ERP system support and logistics.


Thanks to the new "line management", efficient utilisation of the filling lines could be established in direct cooperation with the machine manufacturer KRONES.


By introducing innovative programmes, we were able to further advance digitalisation: 

  • Transporeon for logistics
  • Docu-Sign for our contract system
  • Customer portal for round-the-clock access to information
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