Vitamins for health

With flavors including apple, pear & lemon balm, wild berries, and aloe vera & lemon, Frankenmarkter mineral water with vitamins is not only healthy and also offers a range of added benefits. These products don't just taste great, they also provide all the most important daily vitamins:

  • Vitamin C: Good for: the immune system, bones and connective tissue, healing wounds, and reducing inflammation
  • Vitamin B12: Good for: the nerves, growth, blood production, mucus membranes
  • Vitamin B6: Good for: the immune system, red blood cells, protein metabolism, growth
  • Pantothenic acid: Good for: the metabolism, hair, building body tissue
  • Biotin: Good for: growth, reproduction, skin, hair, nails, metabolizing food

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PET, 0.5L



Packaging Unit

Tray: 12 x 0.5L PET



apple, pear & lemon balm, wild berries

Packaging Unit

Tray: 6 x 1L PET

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