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These Frankenmarkter specialty beers, brewed according to the standards of the Bavarian Beer Purity Law of 1516, promise beer fans the finest flavor. Our small, private brewery in Upper Austria has made a name for itself based on quality, not quantity. “Bräu am Berg” is a typical private brewery according to the motto “small but excellent". Quality and customer service remain its main priorities.

Bronze medal for Bräu am Berg brewery in renowned beer competition 'European Beer Star'

In 2020 this family-run, private brewery was delighted to receive a prestigious award at one of the most significant beer competitions in the world. At BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, their Bräu am Berg Märzen was awarded a bronze medal in European Beer Star 2020.
'This makes our Bräu am Berg Märzen one of the best beers in the world,' says Victor Starzinger, master brewer and owner of the private brewery Bräu am Berg, full of pride, 'this is a well-deserved reward for our staff at the brewery who adhere to our high quality standards unstintingly.'

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0.33L glass bottle


Bräu am Berg – Festbock, Bräu am Berg - Märzen, Aspacher Urbräu, Pils

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Case: 20 x 0.33L glass bottles

0.5L glass bottles


Bräu am Berg – Märzen, Bräu am Berg – Festbock, Frankenmarkter – Hefeweisse, Aspacher

Packaging Unit

Case: 20 x 0.5L glass bottles

0.5L cans


Bräu am Berg – Märzen, Bräu am Berg – Berggold

Packaging Unit

Tray: 24 x 0.5L cans Tray: 4 x 6Pack 0.5L cans

Bräu am Berg Märzen

Named the best Märzen beer in Upper Austria.

A panel of beer sommeliers recently awarded Bräu am Berg Märzen the CULINARIX GOLD prize at the Upper Austria “Beer Land” Special Exhibition. The prize was awarded in the town of Wels, in the “Blühendes Österreich”(“Blossoming Austria”) trade fair, by the presidents of Upper Austria Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Agriculture Rudolf Trauner and Hannes Herndl.

We are pleased to be able to support these small but excellent regional breweries under the umbrella of the Starzinger Beverage Group. Consumers continue to endorse the excellent quality of our products – and receiving the CULINARIX Gold prize for the best Märzen beer makes it official!

Aspacher Urbräu

Aspach is a popular tourist destination on the edge of Upper Austria's Kobernaußer forest, famous for its Kneipp health resort. This idyllic setting forms the backdrop to one of the most environmentally-friendly breweries in Austria – Aspach Brewery, where Aspacher Urbräu, an elegant lager with special hoppy notes, is brewed.

Bräu am Berg Festbock

According to age-old tradition, Bräu am Berg Festbock is brewed only once a year for the Christmas season. This strong specialty beer with 6.9% alcohol content is a golden, tart, and lightly hoppy bock beer. In keeping with tradition, the Festbock is tapped in the brewery's tavern at the end of each October amidst festivities.

Bräu am Berg Radler

For a long time, Bräu am Berg Radler was a well-kept secret among Alpine hikers and skiers. They discovered that the Bräu am Berg lager's light, hearty notes perfectly complement the fruity aroma of Schartner Bombe lemonades, and that the mixture was a great cure for tired legs and parched throats. The low alcohol volume of 2.5% made it easy to drink. The new design makes the Radler a sports-friendly beer that fits into any backpack!

Bräu am Berg Hefeweisse

The Frankenmarkter Hefeweisse's status as one of the highest-quality wheat beers is achieved through carefully processed natural ingredients and a particular focus on a refined flavor profile. A local favorite, the secret has spread far beyond our region, and it is especially popular among women, who appreciate its particularly mild flavor.

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