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Capacity: 330ml

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We offer a variety of filling services, from the classic 500ml cans to sleek cans and the popular slim can design. Sleek cans are available in 330ml and 355ml sizes. We offer the Slim can in 250ml.

Packaging: Cans

Cans offers several advantages for beverage production: cans are volumetrically efficient, saving space in storage and logistics. Sustainably designed can packaging can also be recycled up to 75%. The cans are compactly packed into trays, which can be shipped with a variety of pallet options. Different multipacks are also possible upon request. Finally, the cans are prepared for retail with printed or transparent film. We can also help you design cans with different packaging options. Let your creativity run free! Production volume: 125.000 cans minimum. 

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As a professional contract bottling partner, we offer customized solutions for soft drinks, energy drinks, sodas, juices, wine, beer and mixed beer drinks, among other drink varieties. Feel free to get in touch and tell us about your project or your vision 

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