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Starzinger beverages

A family-owned business with a formula for success

It all started in 1906, when innkeeper Josef Starzinger began bottling beverages. He thus laid the foundation for a family company marked by solid growth and an eye to the future. Since World War II, the company has increased its focus on co-packing and private labeling. Today, it enjoys many years of experience and expertise in this sector. Starzinger Beverage Group is a leading Austrian business.

There's a great advantage to being a beverage company in Austria: Austrian mineral water is among the best in the world. You can taste for yourself. It's the secret to our decades of success as a leading beverage bottling company. Starzinger's wide range of brands, incredible expertise, and private labeling capabilities speak for themselves. We take pride in being a traditional Austrian company.

Quality for Generations

The company's impressive growth can be traced back to K.R. August Starzinger, who took over from his father in 1977. In 2010, he passed the company on to his daughter, Ludmilla Starzinger, the fourth generation to run the business. Today, Starzinger Beverage Group is one of the largest producers of nonalcoholic beverages and a leading international bottling company. 250 employees work at its six Austrian locations, including four plastic bottling plants, three glass bottling plants, and three can filling plants that process approximately 180,000 units per hour.

A diverse range of brands

In addition to marketing three high-quality mineral waters, Frankenmarkter mineral water, JUVINA, and Long Life, in 1995, the Starzinger Beverage Group also acquired Schartner Bombe, a traditional Austrian carbonated lemonade, and built it back up into a strong brand. Two proprietary breweries round out the company's diverse range of brands on the market.

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