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Ensuring that our business practices are environmentally sustainable has long been one of the pillars of our company philosophy.

Managing director Ludmilla Starzinger

For a secure future

Economic responsibility

Economic responsibility requires foresight, honesty, reliability, and the knowledge needed to use available resources prudently. 2016 marks Starzinger Beverage Group's 110th anniversary, which is the most compelling evidence for our company's economic success . When founder Josef Starzinger began bottling soda water and lemonade, he followed a simple but effective principle: solid growth and doing business with foresight.

The Starzinger company even weathered the financially difficult post-period. The transition from horse-drawn carts to trucks, the arrival of automated production – none of this would have happened had the company not been based on solid economic business practices and the forward-thinking, continuous optimization of its processes.

Ludmilla Starzinger has led the company since 2010, and she continues to rely on the Starzinger family's traditional values. Thanks to these values, the company has grown to 250 employees, six locations, and ten bottling plants. Today, Starzinger Beverage Group bottles nearly 1,000 products .

Caring for the environment

Environmentally responsible business practices

Sustainable management and respect for natural resources: Starzinger, a family-owned company, has long emphasized sustainability. That's why the company was certified by the renowned organization of “Leading Austrian Companies”. As a leading Austrian company, we are aware of our social and ecological responsibilities. We are innovative and we pursue ways to create secure value. We take pride in our role as a trailblazer and role model.

Here are a few examples of the measures we've implemented so far:

  • Reusable glass bottles: We set standards by using a higher percentage of reusable glass bottles than the sector average.
  • Smart methods of transportation: We reduce our environmental impact by using fuel-efficient trucks and smart route planning.
  • CIP (Cleaning in Place): Resource-efficient, computer-assisted water and wastewater management.
  • Renewable energy: The Deutschkreuz plant  relies exclusively on electricity from renewable energy sources.
  • E-hydropower plant: We use our own E-hydropower plant to supply electricity to our private brewery, Bräu am Berg. Extra electricity from the E-hydropower plant is fed into the public grid.
  • Biomass power plant: Our key stake in a biomass power plant also contributes to more environmentally friendly energy use.
  • Smart heating: The tunnel pasteurizers used in the can filling plant generate heat which is used for heating the warehouse space and administration building.
  • Modern machines: New, environmentally friendly bottle-cleaning machines use less fresh water and reduce wastewater.

Starzinger Beverage Group emphasizes business practices with strong consideration of the environment. This is the foundation of the company's philosophy.

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Starzinger is the proud partner of many associations and clubs

Social engagement and sponsoring

Here is a list of the associations we are sponsoring today. We also take great pride in sponsoring sports groups, which we've done since 1962. These include judo, track & field, soccer, and volleyball leagues and others. Our list of partners is comprehensive and diverse.

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The key to success

Long-term business relationships

In addition to our economic and business principles, we also strongly value forming close, personal relationships with our clients and partners. We cherish our long-term business relationships. These relationships allow our customers and producers to make long-term business plans and survive on the market. So we don't see them as clients and suppliers, but as partners. Personal contact, honesty, authenticity, reliability, and trust form the basis for these special kinds of business relationships. This approach empowers us to represent and live out our company's values every day.

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