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Partners & sponsoring

Ballooning Tyrol

Ballooning Tyrol offers exciting trips over Austria in a Schartner Bombe balloon!

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Schartner Bombe Vöcklabruck Basketball Club

We've also been a reliable sponsor of BBC Vöcklabruck for many years.

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Juvina Deutschkreutz Football (soccer) Club

FC Deutschkreutz, based in Juvina's hometown, has enjoyed our support for years.

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Swans Gmunden Alliance

We've been working closely with the Basket Swans in a wonderful partnership for many years.

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PSV Judo Salzburg

This young, successful team is sponsored by Schartner Bombe and has many victories under its belt.

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IGLA Long Life Sports Association

2014 marked the 15th anniversary of our sponsorship of this successful Austrian youth association.

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TSV Frankenmarkt

We support and promote our local sports associations in countless ways.

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