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For an outstanding drink. Your vision of a mixed drink, energy drink, functional drink or BCAA drink can become a straightforward, flavour-packed reality with the Starzinger beverage group.

Flexible Bottling

  • Pops
  • Energy drinks
  • Beer
  • Alcoholic mixed drinks
  • BCAA drinks
  • and many more

You come up with the idea, we help with the recipe, source the base ingredients and with production. The biggest advantage for you with the Starzinger beverage group is our high degree of flexibility and decades of experience in producing beverages of all kinds, sizes and formulations.

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Your Idea, Our Know-How

Our modern bottling technologies and our specialist knowledge in raw materials, packing and shipping make us one of the most competent and most successful bottling companies. Our reliability, fantastic price: service ratio and high level of flexibility ensures you enjoy a bespoke set-up, including choice of PET, glass or cans, as well as the design, filling quantity (e.g. 500 mls, 1 litre or 1.5 litre bottles), total capacity of production lines, container sizes, packing, shipment to various distributors, and so on and so forth.

Private labelling with the Starzinger beverage group

The most important answers about private labelling:

How does the process work?

You get a contact partner who will take care of all your requests, questions and requirements throughout the entire process! Selecting suitable sizes, shape and packaging is as bespoke as your drink. Make the most of the benefits of direct communication with Starzinger as a manufacturer, with no intermediaries and therefore save time and money. We are your full-service drinks manufacturer - your competent partner in contract bottling.

drinks manufacturer & beverage production – with purest water quality from Austria

What sizes are bottled?

(Almost) nothing is impossible. Every market and every target group has its own preferred different sizes and materials, which is why we are very flexible and can bottle everything from aluminium cans, steel cans, PET bottles, aluminium bottles and glass bottles in sizes that are standard the world over. We are flexible in terms of container sizes.

drinks manufacturer & beverage production – with purest water quality from Austria

Is there flexibility when it comes to the production amount?

Of course! We are your flexible bottler; from bulk order to the smallest amount (starting with 40.000 PET bottles or 10,000 glass bottles / aluminium bottles or 125.000 cans). No upper limits are placed either. We are happy to accept specific requirements!

Is short-term bottling available?

We live in a fast-paced time – in terms of experience and resource technologies, we are very well-equipped to deal with short-term bottling. With optimum planning, production times can be dynamically planned with us and produced simultaneously at several facilities. This means that your orders are ready for transport within a few days if required.

What is so special about Austrian water?

Austria’s springs are of the best water quality, whether still or flowing. The Starzinger beverage group has access to crystal-clear water with a wide variety of mineralisation grades. In private labelling, our clients benefit from high quality and water variety.

What is your stance when it comes to quality assurance?

The sources and bottling facilities regularly undergo quality assurance checks by independent institutions. Our certifications are valid world-wide and are the best proof of this: IFS, Halal, Kosher, Organic, …

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